VISION : The leading non-profit organization of Thailand which promotes the development of social work and provides social welfare services to enhance the quality of people’s life and achieve the complete social welfare system.   

NCSWT POLICY for 2017 - 2020

The policy covers seven different but interrelated areas as follows:

1. Upholding institution of the Nation, Religion, and the Monarchy, and supporting the democratic governance with the King as Head of State

2. Welfare support for the less privileged in need of assistance such as children, youth, women, elderly, handicapped, and the disabled as further support of state welfare

3. Create and promote social welfare networks as found among private sector, local and international organizations, and related partners

4. Campaign, publicize, and coordinate human resource management among public and private sectors in order to facilitate NCSWT work and member organizations

5. Develop volunteer work of NCSWT and member organization personnel in order to promote systematic operation and the volunteering spirit in helping society

6. Promote and develop NCSWT staff and member organization personnel to enhance management and operational capacities

7. Representative of member organizations in suggesting policy recommendations, working plans, and projects related to the development of social work and social welfare to the public sector