VISION : NCSWT is the leading non-profit organization of Thailand which promotes the development of social work and provides social welfare services to enhance the quality of life of all people and vulnerable group.   


The policy covers six different but interrelated areas as follows:

1. Support the constitution of the country, religion, monarchy and democratic form of government with the King as Head of State to ensure the national security.

2.  Provide social welfare services indiscriminately to vulnerable groups: children, women, the elderly and the disabled throughout the country as supplement to social services rendered by the government.

3.  Build and strengthen social welfare service networks with government agencies, state enterprises, and private sectors both locally and internationally for the benefit of Thai people.

4.  Organize fundraising among individuals, charitable organizations, government agencies, NGOs and business sector in order to secure fund to support worthwhile projects operated by NCSWT member organizations.

5.  Develop and strengthen volunteer system to provide well-trained, skillful and ethical social welfare workers for the organization.

6.  Promote capacity building for NCSWT staff and member organization as well as the Regional Coordinating Centers.