VISION : The leading non-profit organization of Thailand which promotes the development of social work and provides social welfare services to enhance the quality of people’s life and achieve the complete social welfare system.   


The NCSWT consists of Assembly, a Board of Directors, 4 Permanent and 12 Standing Committees, 12 Regional Coordinating Committees and the 9 NCSWT’s Offices.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of representatives from ordinary members elected by the Assembly and is composed of a President, 4 Vice Presidents and 25 Board’s members plus 10 invited members. The 12 Chairpersons of Regional Coordinating Committees are exofficio members.

Permanent Committees
There are 4 Permanent Committees as follows:
1. Executive Committee
Assist. Prof. Dr. Vajiraya  Buasri                               Chairperson
2. Finance and Budget Committee
Mrs. Somthavil  Boonyopasadham                             Chairperson
3. Project and Planning Committee
Mr. Suradej  Chayakasetrin                                        Chairperson
4. Committee of the United Way of Thailand
Mrs. Sirina Chokwatana Pavarolarvidya                    Chairperson

Standing Committees
NCSWT is active in a wide range of fields within 3 main areas and has 12 Standing Committee as follows:

1. Coordination and Promotion
1.1 Promoting and Coordinating National Outstanding Mothers’ Associations and Clubs Committee
1.2 Member Organizations Promotion and Coordination Committee
1.3 International Affairs Committee
1.4 Academic, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee
1.5 Media and Public Relations Committee

2. Social Welfare Services and Social Problem Solving
2.1 Family Welfare and Legal Assistance Committee
2.2 Occupational Promotion and Development of People with Disabilities Committee
2.3 Government Lottery Distribution for the Disabled and the Disadvantaged Committee

3. Social Development
3.1 Child and Youth Development Committee
3.2 Women Promotion and Development Committee
3.3 Volunteer Promotion and Development Committee
3.4 Elderly Welfare and Health Care Promotion Committee