VISION : NCSWT is the leading non-profit organization of Thailand which promotes the development of social work and provides social welfare services to enhance the quality of life of all people and vulnerable group.   

In remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

  The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand (NCSWT) together with the Government Lottery Office and the Miracle of Life Foundation has implemented the Queen’s Free Meals for the Needy project at Sanam Luang. Free meals have been distributed every day to mourners who come to pay respects to His Majesty the late King since October 16, 2016. NCSWT receives support from companies, organizations, foundations, actors and singers in distributing food and drinks to the mourners. The NCSWT Board Members, volunteers and staff participate every day.  
On October 16-31 2016,